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Payment: Balances must be paid in full before images can be downloaded. Our automated system allows viewing of watermarked photos before paying, automatically removing this watermark as soon as the balance is settled.

Rescheduling / Cancellation: Please give us at least 8 hours to reschedule. There are no charges for cancellation or rescheduling fees, even if we arrive at the shoot and it is not ready. We know that things happen once. 

Copyright Notice:  Ariel Faith is the copyright holder of any image we produce. The copyright of an image is not transferred to any other party unless a specific written agreement is made. Licensing may be obtained for various image applications, and please contact us for more details. 

Photo Rights and Usage:  

The original agent who paid for this service has permission to use these images on any electronic or printed form of advertisement to promote that property. The licensing agreement is valid only for the duration the home/property is listed for sale and cannot be reused without specific written permission.

Images cannot be sold to another agent who takes over an expired or withdrawn listing, as the purchasing agent does not own the photographs but has the right to use them during the specific term the property is for sale. The purchasing agent may reuse photos if the property is temporarily removed from the market. 

Drones and Other Regulated Equipment and Usage: The FAA governs the commercial use of drones. All users will have required licenses and permissions to fly before any services rendered with Drone work.

Website Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

This is the official website for Ariel Faith, and Please note: Ariel Faith has no control over the contents posted on any linked external websites, and these sites may have separate terms of use and privacy policies. Including this web link does not imply endorsement by Ariel Faith of the site, its content, advertisers, or sponsors.

ADA Compliance Statement

Ariel Faith recognizes the importance of ensuring that our website is accessible to those with disabilities. Due to the heavy graphic nature of our services, this is not always feasible. This website endeavors to conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and has been built using code compliant with standards for HTML and CSS.

In accordance with the American Disabilities Act and Section 286.26, Florida Statutes, persons with disabilities needing a special accommodation to participate in the proceedings or an interpreter to participate in any proceedings should contact the office for assistance at least two business days before any meeting date.

Ariel Faith strives to adhere to the accepted guidelines and standards for accessibility and usability. To that end, we regularly monitor our site to ensure it meets the requirements of Title II of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. 794d), as amended in 1998, and the World Wide Web Consortium, Web Contact Accessibility Guidelines.

This is an ongoing process, and we are continuing this process to ensure that the site remains up-to-date regarding updated guidelines.

Portable Document Format:  Some documents on this website are produced in portable document format (PDF).  In order to improve the viewing of these files, please download the latest version of Adobe Reader, which is available for free on the Adobe website. Alternative accessible formats also are provided, where possible, most commonly through text or an HTML file.

We are continually seeking solutions that will bring all areas of the site up to the same level of overall web accessibility.

In the meantime, should you experience any difficulty accessing this website, please contact our office.

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