Lake Helen Pattern Book

Part 1 Community and New Building Design

This Book offers some basic principles to neighborhood development and traditional home design and single lot development. It includes many of the key elements to these homes displayed in illustrative ways to help designers. The homes built in the past in the Floridian, City of Lake Helen, set a pattern of simple beauty for us to follow as we design and build today.

Lake Helen Pattern Book

Part 2 Historical Style Guide

The small Floridian city of Lake Helen's architecture is simple, classic, and a good example of the Floridian southern styles. There are nine southern styles outlined within this book.
These guides are to help you design, preserve, and build beautiful homes or buildings that are timeless. The principles outlined in each section are to guide you, as you design and build a new home or before renovating an older home.

CAD .dwg Files of Traditional Details in these Books are available for Purchase.  Email us to inquire.

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