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Tips to Prepare Your Listing Before the Photo Session

The # 1 most important tip is De-clutter.

A cluttered home appears smaller and does not photograph well. We want to help you bring buyers to the home, so here is some helpful ideas that will help you show off the home or building at its best, inside, and out.

When possible, hire a professional exterior and interior cleaning service prior to our scheduled site visit.


We like to spend a few minutes walking thru to property to help make sure the property is photo ready. 

Inside the home or building

General to All Interior Spaces

  • Replace or check all light bulbs. More light means better photos. (Use Bulb Colors that work with the decor colors in the home, Cool or Warm)

  • Clean windows, dust, vacuum, or mop floors.

  • Family portraits, sports team memorabilia, and potentially offensive art should be put away when possible. You want the Buyers to see themselves in the home.

  • Remove portable fans, and heaters.

  • Hide TV and other Remotes, Cables and Cords if possible.

  • Secure any pets or move out of sight and hide any water/food bowls and toys.


Living Areas

  • Straighten tables and chairs, arrange cushions attractively.

  • Place a good book or two on the coffee table.

  • Interior fireplaces if wood burning place fresh logs ready to light. If there is a gas fireplace turn on during Shoot or leave us instructions in your order notes. (Adding virtual fire is always an option later)



  • Clear counter tops, we want to show off the space and counters.

  • Add a bowl of fruit or fresh flowers to add color and life.

  • Put away blenders, toasters, coffee makers etc.

  • Remove from fridge any magnets, pictures, or decorations.

  • Remove any dishes in sink, towels, and soaps.

  • Hide garbage bins.



  • Make all beds, align bed skirts, and fluff pillows.

  • Hide away clothes, shoes, and laundry baskets.

  • Remove phone chargers, books, tissue boxes from bedside tables.



  • Clear counter tops of all personal items. Such as toothbrushes, soaps, razors.

  • Wipe down any mirrors.

  • Remove shampoos, razors, and soaps from showers.

  • Pick up rugs and shower mats.

  • Close toilet lids, and remove toilet brush or plungers.

  • Put out fresh towels.

Outside the home or building

Exterior of House

  • Lawn Trimmed - Neatly trimmed and manicured lawns always photograph better.

  • Clean windows, walkways, patios, driveway, walls, and roof.

  • Move trash cans so they are out of sight.

  • Remove any ladders, tools, toys etc.

  • Secure any pets or move out of sight, Clean up after any pets. Hide any water/food bowls and toys.


Front and sides of House

  • Remove vehicles from driveway and front of house.

  • Wrap up any water hoses.


Rear of House - Outdoor living areas

  • Straighten tables and chairs, arrange cushions attractively.

  • Open patio umbrellas or awnings.

  • Exterior Kitchens, Clear counter tops, and uncover BBQ.

  • Clean pool and remove pool toys, or floats.

  • Exterior fire pits place fresh logs ready to light. (Adding virtual fire is always an option later)

One last thing, remember we can always de-clutter a home in post but that can be costly. It is better for you as the listing agent to get the home ready not only for the listing but for the home tours. We want to bring the buyers to you!!!


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