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Exterior House Colors

A home is yours to live in, laugh in and cry in. It must be personal, and it must be peaceful for you and your family.

There are trends, and there are classic colors. I always tell my clients to choose what makes them happy, not what the Fashion Design Industry decides is "in."

Color is Subjective. Color is really about you.

What makes your heart happy? Choose a color that will make you smile.

Tip: Swatches and small painted areas are a must.

When you look to paint the outside of your house, please, please, please, Take the swatches outside your home and look at them in the sunlight and in shaded areas on your house. This will help you find a design color combination you love and avoid an expensive mistake you can't wait to fix.

I suggest the same in the interior rooms. If the paint is on a vertical surface, please put the swatches on that surface and walk by it often. As you eliminate colors from your collection, trash them. This will help you not be overwhelmed by the amount to choose from.

But most of all, enjoy your colors.

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